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Dead Space 3

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Created on: 00-00-2015

Dead Space had a few bumps and turns along its development curve - EA seems to care less for the series as it was rumored that Dead Space had failed to meet sales expectations. Nevertheless, the development has not been cancelled. The pressure put on the developer - Visceral Studios is visible in the third creation, continuing the story of Isaac Clarke.

How would this effect the game? - you may ask. Well, it would seem that shooters packed with action are more accessible to the general audience than horror survival productions. Unfortunately, this has affected Dead Space 3 by turning up the action at the cost of terror. The bargain is, however, tolerable.

In this episode of Isaac's endeavors, we have the opportunity to explore two main locations: Sprawl (the station on Titan from Dead Space 2 and shortly after and throughout the main part of the game - Tau Volantis, an icy, snowy, cold planet that, not surprisingly - contains another Marker. We get to know another piece of the puzzle considering the overall plot of the series, but to avoid spoilers - let me just say that it explains a lot.

You can see the choice to put more action and less horror in almost every corner of the game. There is also an extensive model of crafting - which I actually dislike. You also get to use little bots that gather the resources for you - always pay attention to their indicators - placing them at the right spot will give you far more than just a random placement!

The recipe is still the same - cut off their limbs! Once I received the gun that's connected to the plot - I rarely used anything different, it's kind of a BFG equivalent, it really kicks necromorphs around. There are times in the game when loads of monsters swarm you and you just need to run around, but the difficulty curve is fairly simple and predictable.

The thing where Dead Space 3 shows us something truly new is the co-op mode that has been chiselled very nicely. I strongly recommend playing with a friend as Isaac and Carver - the hallucinations that are visible only to one of the players kick ass! If my friend wasn't sitting in the next room and could check my monitor out - he'd be unsure if I was joking around! Note that these situations happen usually during the subquests, so I encourage you to take them on.

All in all, Dead Space 3 is a fairly good title - the action is there, the horror is there, add crafting, nice plot and a quite long campaign. Dead Space 3 is not a game you could call a gem, but it's certainly memorable and a 7 is most surely well deserved.