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The New Order

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Created on: 00-00-2015

We have waited for a fine game that combines the old-school awesomeness of the classic FPP shooters with the modern technology and gameplay possibilities. This seemed like hardly possible, but Wolfenstein: The New Order proves it done.

The game has been developed by MachineGames, a Swedish studio using the id Tech 5 game engine. It granted the game powerful graphics with great optimisation and stable framerates. The effects involve nice eye-candies with high-quality textures and convincing particles, but it does also show it's shortcomings like flat bump maps visible in short-range.

Despite the fact that the game looks nice - it's greatest asset is the old-school drama and atmosphere. The storyline is based on an alternative future where the Germans won the WWII and rule over the world. The game involves the main character's - sgt. Blazkowicz's Polish background, which is a nice touch. There are also some defiant, intimate scenes with Anya. All the characters, including both bad guys and good guys (and gals) are well designed and established, which adds-up to the feeling of a quality product.

All you would expect from a classic shooter is here - amusing one-liners, detestable black characters, epic boss fights, dual-wielded weapons, alternative fire-modes, all that is here and more. I really had sh*tloads of fun playing the game.

If the game is so damn good, why give it an 8? - You may ask. Well, Wolfenstein: The New Order is certainly a great game, but while it hits the old-school bell, it does leave the modern capabilities a bit. Also, it is quite repetitive in it's design, but you may try different approaches on the way (stealth vs. brute force) to spice things up a bit. Moreover, there were moments that, for the love of god, I just couldn't go through, and other parts I balzed through without effort.

I can honestly say that Wolfenstein: The New Order is a good piece of fine gaming, a nice chunk of humor, action and fine storytelling combined in one package. So don't hesitate, try it out and see you soon in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood that's coming out on 5th of May 2015!